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Clearwater (8th Grade)


cw-logo-2013Clearwater’s “Sailing Classroom” provides students with powerful hands-on learning experiences that connect them to their communities and to their environment. The sloop Clearwater, provides dynamic learning tools. The boat and crew open the students to the exciting learning opportunities that the Hudson River can provide, and Clearwater’s interactive education programs provide hands-on learning to engage students and promote “learning by doing.”

During this field trip your child will embark on an exciting adventure on this sailboat along the Hudson River. Founded in 1966, Clearwater conducts innovative environmental education. Hudson River Sloop Clearwater is a non-profit member- supported environmental organization dedicated to protecting and restoring the Hudson River, its shorelines and related waterways. During this sailing expedition, students learn about the Hudson River environment and engage in hands on learning activities (fish, plankton, invertebrates, water chemistry, navigation, history and current environmental issues) as it relates to science. They also experience the exhilaration of raising 3000 square feet of sail, the challenge of steering the boat and the thrill of hauling up the trawl net to discover what lives below the water’s surface. The Computer School has the entire boat. The CS Parents Association covers the cost of the trip.

What to Wear

On the day of your child’s trip aboard the Clearwater, take a good look at the weather and listen to the forecast. Whatever the weather, your child will be out in it! While the Captain will not sail in dangerous conditions (fog, high winds, thunderstorms), light showers will not cause us to cancel. If there is even a small chance of rain, have your child bring rain gear. If it’s cold, remember that it will be colder on the water. Students should wear clothes in layers. Rubber-soled shoes such as sneakers are ideal. ABSOLUTELY NO FLIP-FLOPS OR HEELS (TOO DANGEROUS).


We will be returning to school after our normal lunch period. Students will be allowed to lunch out only if you sign the permission slip below and return it. If you do not want your child have lunch out, please send him/her with a bag lunch to school.

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Pictures / Video

Video from Clearwater (2013)