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Sterling Hill Mining Museum (8th Grade)

Sterling Hill Mining Museum

Sterling Hill MineEighth graders visit the Sterling Hill Mining Museum located in Ogdensburg, New Jersey. Students participate in a guided tour inside the mine; guided tour and scavenger hunt in the exhibit halls of the museum, rock discovery activity and explore the Geotech Center. This trip provides a wealth of questions and class discussions about the role of minerals in our lives and how to best conserve Earth’s natural resources.

Some important things to note:

  • The trip lasts entire school day and students arrive back at school before the end of the school day
  • The underground mine is a constant 58 degrees so students are asked to dress accordingly
  • Students are expected to follow the protocol outlined in the CS Matrix for field trips
  • Cell phones and other electronic devices are not permitted on this trip

Students are asked to bring:

  • Peanut free lunch, along with a drink, in a marked paper bag. No lunch boxes, thermoses, drinks in cans or glass bottles.
  • Cameras
  • Plastic bag or paper to wrap mineral samples from rock discover activity
  • Money is students want to make a purchase from the museum store

Click here to learn more about the Sterling Hill Mining Museum.

Trip Handouts

Permission Slip