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The Computer School

100 West 77th Street New York, NY 10024

Monday - Friday

9:00am - 3:20pm



[email protected]

The Computer School

100 West 77th Street, New York, NY 10024

Monday through Friday: 9:00 am – 3:20 pm


The Computer School Admissions

resume-512Students must live in District 3 or currently attend a District 3 elementary school in order to apply to The Computer School.  Students are not required to attend a tour or Open House in order to apply to The Computer School.

Middle school applications must be turned in to your current public school or the District 3 Office of Student Enrollment at 388 West 125th Street. These applications will be handed out to you if you attend a public school in District 3. If you are currently enrolled in an independent school or a school outside the district, you will turn your application into the District 3 office. Applications are typically due the first week of December.

Admissions Criteria

We will be updating information on admissions criteria and school rankings as admissions policies in the district have changed.
You will also learn more when you attend a tour or the open house.

The information below displays what is considered when students apply, but it is in the process of being revised (in terms of the weight of each category.)

If your child does not have standardized test scores, or if you feel that we may need more information for a full evaluation, please contact us or speak to your elementary School Counselor for guidance.

School Tours & Open Houses

Greetings, 5th Grade Families!

The Computer School’s tours and open houses will be posted in the fall.


If you have questions about our admissions process, please contact Sara Sloves at [email protected].

If you have questions for the enrollment office, you can call 212.342.8300 and ask for Middle School Enrollment.

There is large variety of report card formats and grading scales from our many sending schools, as well as differential quantity and insightfulness of commentary from individual teachers within and across schools. This information is carefully and holistically considered to determine overall scores. The two evaluation criteria are:
· Individual academic achievement
· Behavior and ability to collaborate willingly, consistently, positively and productively

Scores will be translated to a 25-point max scale based on scaled score. For non-DOE applicants, out-of-state, ERBs, Stanine scores, or other non-NYS test scores will be interpreted and scaled accordingly. In cases where standardized test scores of any kind are not available, report card and SEMS info will be increased to 65%.

Students will be evaluated on a 10-pt scale as follows: Each absence counts for 2 points, each lateness counts for 1 point.
0-5 points: 10
6-10 points: 9
11-15 points: 8
16-20 points: 6
21-25 points: 4
26-30 points: 2
Over 30 points: 0
Extenuating circumstances will be considered and scores adjusted when justified.

Students with IEPs, English Language Learners, and students from underrepresented District 3 Title I schools may receive additional consideration during the admissions process.